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Ultimate Whitening Kit
Ultimate Whitening Kit
Ultimate Whitening Kit
Ultimate Whitening Kit
Ultimate Whitening Kit

Ultimate Whitening Kit

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Achieve all of your teeth whitening needs with our Ultimate Whitening Kit!

Contents include:

Ultimate Whitening Dental Strips:

Ultimate White Whitening Dental Strips are a professional teeth whitening treatment designed to fit your teeth better while providing an outstanding whitening effect.

Whitening Teeth Rapidly

Your teeth whiten rapidly through unique oxygen activation technology and newly improved whitening formula. 

To Achieve Optimal Results

For best results, use for thirty minutes, once a day for 3 consecutive days.

Ultimate White Teeth Whitening Pen:

Ultimate White Teeth Whitening Pen is a quick and easy way to whiten your smile. This advanced get formula helps to visibly whiten teeth in just 2 days, with little to no sensitivity or on-the-go touch-ups.


  1. Remove cap
  2. Twist the dial at the bottom of the pen until a small drop of gel can be seen at the brush tip.
  3. Brush a thin layer of gel directly onto front surfaces of upper teeth. Allow to dry for 30 seconds, then repeat on lower teeth.
  4. Replace cap when finished.

For the best results, refrain from eating or drinking for up to 30 minutes after application. use up to 4 times daily.

Ultimate White Toothbrush (2 Pack)

Our Ultimate White Toothbrushes have bristles specifically designed to whiten and polish your teeth as you brush.

Features a tongue cleaner and fading bristles, which signals when it’s time to replace your toothbrush.