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The Ultra Soft Toothbrush

The Softest toothbrush you will ever feel. It protects Enamel, Gums and provides superior 

whitening with high density of thinnest bristles patented technology

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Superior Cleaning and 

Protects Enamel

Medium or firm bristles ends up wearing down our enamel over time. Plaque build up around our teeth is extremely soft and should be cleaned very softly, Caress removes plaque, Gently protects your enamel and gums.

Uniquely Shaped

Dense Bristles

Each of our caress toothbrushes are designed with dense bundles of bristles top provide the softness that helps protect your teeth

with the ultimate cleaning.

The Caress Difference

Thinner the bristles greater the density, Thinner bristles of Caress gives you a Magical Cleaning effect.

What Dentists have to say about Caress?

“This toothbrush is so soft and really feels great on teeth, much better than any other manual toothbrush in market, aesthetically pleasing, Amazing!”

“I knew the moment I saw this that this is one of the few toothbrush that can clean teeth underneath the gum line without damaging your gums. Most toothbrushes with soft bristles don't last long but 

this seems more durable”