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Children love bright and colorful gifts. Are you looking for help in choosing a great gift for a young child to enjoy? Therefore look no further for this Shopkins trio is a hot commodity. Children have fallen in love with the little figures, Shopkins. Children love watching and listening to these eye-catching characters.

On you mark, get set, let’s go. Add the toothpaste and press the button for the music to start. Children will enjoy brushing their teeth to the sound of the music and flickering lights. Music and lights play for a full two minutes. Two full minutes allows extra time to get the teeth super clean. Dentist recommends that teeth are brushed at least the full two minutes to develop great brushing techniques.



Brush Structure

The brush is made up of soft bristles. The shape of the brush is ergonomically designed for little hands. As a result, more plaque is reached in the hard to reach places. Children need to be taught to use the tongue and cheek cleaner for a super clean mouth.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep those little hands clean with the great smelling hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer helps to fight the bacteria and germs that kids pick up while playing every day. The sanitizer can be used several times a day to help fight some common diseases. The sanitizer comes in a nice rubber case for attaching it to belt loops, book bags, and or a little purse.




Shopkins bandages were created with children in mind. Inside the box, you will find eight regular bandages. But, along with the eight regular bandages comes to twelve 3D Character shaped bandages. This may result to more little boo boos until all of them are gone. Children really enjoy band-aids. Many use them as if they was Toys them self.

The Gifting

The holidays are here, and this will make a great gift for any little girl. These items can be added to a basket of treats. Since these are items that are being used every day, it can be used for any holiday, birthday or a just because of gift. To add more items for a bigger basket visit the website at Brush Buddies.