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Surviving Winter Break While Tripping With Kids by Primetime parenting

I’m very concerned about the germs on airplanes normally but more so during flu season. So dangling from my purse I proudly sport a Shopkins Kooky Cookie 3D Hand Sanitizer. I have 3 boys that are not particularly Shopkins’ fans but they are amused by this 3D character hanging from my bag. For $5.99 I have a handy, colorful dispenser and I don’t fight the kids to clean their hands. On Amazon, $7.99-$9.99 for 2, or $18.99 for set of all 4.



Unfortunately during our “vacation” we had cold, wet weather and my kids spent too much time couped up with each other…which led to some brotherly wrestling …which led to some crying and minor injuries. Which led me to the first aid cabinet. But with each trip, or “vacation”, I get a little smarter. This time I was prepared. Because not only do I need to have a constant supply of band-aids I need distractions, “entertaining” distractions. Which leads me to Shopkins 3D Bandages. It has a decent price point of $4.99 for 20 or under $9 for 60.



It really works like magic. It has nothing to do with the bandaging, it has to do with forgetting about discomfort and the indignation and getting mesmerized with colors and 3D imagery. Truly worked like a charm.