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As Christmas rolls around I am on the hunt for things that make exceptional stocking stuffers. Things that are useful, but fit neatly into a stocking. I sometimes am known to over stuff stockings, and then by the cover of darkness on Christmas Eve, I am forced to wrap a few items I meant to fit in the stocking. I sometimes forget how small those things can be. So I try to look earlier for things to fit in stockings. Brush Buddies has an amazing plethora of items that fit in stockings, all while being on the smaller side and perfect for stuffing stockings.

Brushing teeth is mandatory in this house. Every night before bed, in the morning after breakfast. I tend to be a bit crazy about oral care, I like preventative care. If you brush your teeth now, you save yourself pain and a hefty bill later. It is routine now and my kids do not even huff anymore, it is just second nature now. I think one of the things that have helped me is that my kids are allowed to pick out fun tooth brushes. I let them pretty much pick anything they want, anything that gets them excited about brushing their teeth.

They both can pick out some crazy toothbrushes, some vibrate, some sing, some light up! They love character toothbrushes! Lately my kids have decided they like Shopkins and so I am putting a Shopkins Brite Beatz into each of their stockings. The bristles are soft, which is exactly what their mouths need. The head is the right size and shape to get hard to reach places to battle plaque build up. I think the thing that will have them both over the moon about it, is that it lights up and plays music. It lights up and plays music for 2 minutes, and that is exactly the amount of time dentists want you to brush your teeth! So they can brush them and know exactly when they have brushed enough. Another great part of the toothbrush is that it has a tongue and cheek cleaner on the head!

Brush Buddies does not JUST have toothbrushes. There are so many other options and there are many different kinds of Licensed Brands you can choose from! I plan to also include Shopkins 3D Hand Sanitizer to their stockings as well! It is the time of year for all sorts of germs, and I like to have hand sanitizer on hand as much as possible. With it being one of their favorite kinds of character, they are more likely to take them along with them and use it. That makes me feel a bit better knowing they will at the very least have clean hands while also looking stylish with Shopkins attached to their bags.

You can check out the Brush Buddies website and find all sorts of wonderful things to add to stockings this year! All are useful and of the smaller variety to easily slip in a stocking. I love that they have my kids favorite characters on their items. It makes it incredibly easy to get my kids to use each item.


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