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Get Kids Excited to Brush with Brush Buddies

It is hard for me to get a toddler to brush there teeth. Sometimes they just don’t want too! I find the best way to make it easy, is to make it FUN! Brush Buddies do just that. Getting your toddler or child a toothbrush and toothpaste that they will love makes a huge difference.
The Peppa Pig Brite Beatz Toothbrush is super cute! It plays music and is a light show in a toothbrush. How cool is that? Talk about entertaining your child while they brush there teeth! This toothbrush lights up and plays the Peppa Pig theme song for the dentist recommended 2 minutes. Your child will be excited to brush there teeth the entire song!
Peppa Pig brite beatz plays the Peppa Pig theme song along to synchronized lights. Brite beatz helps improve oral care making brushing fun for kids. Peppa Pig theme song will play for the dentist recommended two minutes. Peppa Pig Brite Beatz has fun characters on the handle and a comfortable grip for kids.
Why we like it: Kids are over the moon with Peppa Pig and will love these musical BrushBuddies from Brite Beatz. Parents will appreciate the 2-minute timer ensuring a thorough brushing job each time.
The bubblegum flavor was perfect for my bubblegum lover! The way a toothpaste taste really effects if the child will use it or not. I mean, would you use a toothpaste that tasted horrible? I love that this toothpaste really helps with fighting tooth decay all while strengthening kids’ teeth and freshening kids’ breath. We all know them toddlers need fresh breath!!
Did you know Brush Buddies doesn’t only make teeth products? I also got these super cute Band aids that are to die for!
Getting these in I honestly had to double look, I thought these were stickers! They looks so real. These are great for little cuts and scratches for your little shopkins lover. Why not have a band aid of something they love to make them feel all better. This set includes 20 bandages which are: 12 unique characters shaped bandages and 8 rectangular bandages with Shopkins Characters on it.
About Brush Buddies:
Brush Buddies started with one goal in mind, to develop quality products that make brushing fun! Over the years we have successfully accomplished that goal by creating a line of great oral care products that families and dentists across the world have come to know and love.
Each of our Brush Buddies products are unique, and innovative including powered toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes, licensed and private label products. In addition to oral care, we also offer personal care and first aid products.
Studies have shown that people on average brush their teeth for less than a minute, when dentists recommend you brush your teeth for 2 minutes. We recognized this was a huge problem, and found that we could increase brushing time if we make brushing fun.
Introducing Brush Buddies, the brand created to make brushing fun!