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Brush Buddies New Shopkins Line by Coffee for Mom

Brush Buddies has just introduced the new Shopkins line of hand sanitizers and band aids and they are super adorable!  My daughter actually wants to use hand sanitizer now that we have a cute Shopkins themed one.

Each box contains 20 bandages- 12 unique shaped ones and 8 rectangular ones with Shopkins Characters.  The bandages are great for covering and protecting scrapes, I always find that my kids prefer to wear bandages with some of their favorite characters as an incentive and these are too cute!

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Each hand sanitizer has a super cute design, normally my kids don’t want to use hand sanitizer and it’s a battle to get them to do so but with the new Shopkins line they have been super interested in how it smells and how it looks!

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About Brush Buddies:

  1. Brush Buddies started with one goal in mind, to develop quality products that make brushing fun! Over the years we have successfully accomplished that goal by creating a line of great oral care products that families and dentists across the world have come to know and love.
  2. Each of our Brush Buddies products are unique, and innovative including powered toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes, licensed and private label products. In addition to oral care, we also offer personal care and first aid products.
  3. Studies have shown that people on average brush their teeth for less than a minute, when dentists recommend you brush your teeth for 2 minutes. We recognized this was a huge problem, and found that we could increase brushing time if we make brushing fun.

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