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Sale Brush Buddies Caress Enamel Care Toothbrush

Brush Buddies Caress Enamel Care Toothbrush


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About Caress Enamel Care

X-Shaped bristles were designed to help clean the surface of your teeth, while providing you with the gentle, ultra soft clean for those suffering with sensitivity.

  • Caress is the softest toothbrush you will ever feel
  • Patented technology
  • 20X Slimmer Bristles compared to a regular brush• We have created 4 specific brush heads: Whitening, Enamel Care, Ortho and Gum Care
  • If you have sensitive teeth or gums this is the toothbrush you need to buy


Key Features



  1. Polished to Less Than 0.01mm- Specialized Techniques were used to produce extremely thin and soft fibres.
  2. Hypersensitive Ultra soft Bristles-Our Patented Hypersensitive Ultra Soft Bristles Technology sets us apart from the competition. No one matches the Ultra softness of Caress
  3. 9241 Bristles Per head
  4. Helps Reduce Tooth Sensitivity-Learn about the causes of sensitive teeth.
  5. Soft like Cotton-Cotton like softness doesnot irritate the gums and
  6. Prvents the wearing down of teeth
  7. Protects Enamel-Ultra Soft Bristles Designed to help protect Tooth Enamel from Wearing


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