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Tunes, toothbrushes in tandem

NEW YORK - Music is increasingly being associated with toothbrushes.Church & Dwight Co. last month launched Arm & Hammer brushes that play songs from the pop band One Direction (1D), while Brush Buddies is rolling out a number of musical products.

In the second quarter Brush Buddies will launch its newest singing toothbrush, featuring two hit songs of Keana, chosen by fans as the winner of the company's worldwide music search. And in the fourth quarter Brush Buddies will introduce Brite Beatz, billed as the first toothbrush to play a synchronized light show with music.

Brush Buddies singing toothbrushes feature unique interactive packaging. The cover showcases each licensed artist by name and image - e.g., Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction, LMFAO and Psy ("Gangnam Style") - and allows the consumer to press play buttons through a safe hygienic shell in order to listen to the music before purchase. "This type of interactive packaging has been shown to increase pull-through by double-digit gains," says Brush Buddies director of marketing Jeff Mellin.

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