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  • "[The Brush Buddies "doggy" toothbrush] it makes brushing fun and my daughter actually looks forward to brushing! She dances to the singing while she brushes."

    - Karina Houghton ,San Francisco ,CA
  • "Your Brush Buddies toothbrush is really cute! My son uses it every day and every night, he just loves that it talks and has music. Now it’s easy to get him to brush for at least 2 minutes."

    - Jennifer K. ,Irvine ,CA
  • "My kids used to throw a fuss whenever it’s brushing time. With Brush Buddies, they are always amused and look forward to brushing."

    - Robert SF ,Orlando ,FL
  • "My son loves to brush his teeth because of this toothbrush. It is an excellent way for the beginner to become engaged with tooth brushing."

    - Michelle Robinson DMD, MA ,Orlando ,FL
  • "My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves your brush buddies doggy toothbrush. I've never seen her so animated about brushing her teeth. She forgot all about her Dora toothbrush. The best part is that now she looks forward to brushing her teeth. She interacts with the doggy toothbrush, loves the music and says “bye bye” when she’s done brushing her teeth. I highly recommend!!!"

    - Liliana R. Pulido ,CA
  • "I do so appreciate your help with the order I placed. You went way above and beyond what I had expected from an internet order and we are impressed with your company and service. Thanks again for helping my get a gift to our grandchildren. I will highly recommend you to my friends and my daughter's friends. Thanks."

    - Diane Diane ,OK
  • My kids love all the toothbrushes I ordered. All the talking animals are great, and the pop-up animals (non-talking) are great also. They are so excited to brush their teeth all the time. In fact, they have even better oral hygiene because of these products. They make brushing teeth fun!

    - Anna Coryell ,Norwood ,PA

    - Crystal Humphries ,Townsville ,QLD
  • I am 12 and in love with Justin Bieber. When I saw the toothbrush I had to get it. I love the quality of the brush and the songs and the fact that the head and batteries are replaceable helps me cope with loving him so I don't have to buy the brush every time.

    - Madi Fabela ,Yuma ,AZ
  • I got the Lady Gaga brush for my six yr old daughter and she just loves it. Every morning and night she rushes into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Brush Buddies has made my life so much easier. Thank You

    - Megan Hecox ,Mansfield ,AR
  • I bought the Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush and it has saved my life! I used to hate brushing my teeth. It was always so boring! But now, I brush my teeth 2-4 times a day! Thanks Brush Buddies!

    - Caleb Francis ,Russells Point ,Ohio
  • My kids seen this on tv, I said wow this is something nice for kids to get them to brush. I wanted to ge the price of them. I hope its not alot

    - Rosetta Freeman ,Madison ,Il
  • we want to buy a JB singing Toothbrush ,but we have not a creditcart.How can buy this brush for my tauther.thanks Michaela

    - Michaela Mairle ,69121 Heidelberg ,germany
  • my lil 5yr old love Justin Bieber toothbrush and i will like to how to get Justin Bieber flosses and Travel kit and brush thank you

    - maria hunt ,tampa ,fl
  • my daughter is only 2 and loves justin bieber....ABSOLUTELY loves him.....thanks justin for making my kid brush her teeth willing...well acually she sings the whole time..

    - Amber Grimmett ,lorado ,wv
  • My daughter loves the JB singing toothbrush!! We were wondering where the replaceable heads are sold? We know you can order on-line but we would rather purchase in store.

    - Keri Brooks ,Princeton ,WV
  • These are amazing!! Your children will love to brush their teeth with one of these tooth brushes of Justin Beiber, or other stars singing one of their songs as they Brush their teeth, or other Celebrities!! Check them out!! Great price to. :) I'm buying one for my Grandaughter now, she's only 2 but she Loves music already! While I'm teaching her to brush her teeth!! A win win whoo hoo ;)

    - Goodell Donna ,. ,.
  • As soon as I heard about Brush Buddies One Direction singing toothbrushes, I placed an order. The brush head is soft enough for kids and the grip is lighter, than it seems. The picture stays well on the handle, and the packaging is impeccable. Although it took a bit longer to deliver to my country, the delivery was reasonably priced, and the products are amazing.

    - Maria Sen ,Bishkek ,Kyrgyzstan

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