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Swingin Sammy (Monkey)

Swingin Sammy (Monkey)

: 73218-72
: $5.99
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Brush Buddies™ talking toothbrush - an innovation in kids oral care. Our unique product features an attractive monkey character design and an amusing voice characteristic that kids will get a kick out of! But we have designed this product to be more than just cute. Rather than focus only on entertainment, the audio played back through our brush actually educates kids and encourages them on healthy brushing habits. When activating the voice recording, it is played for exactly two minutes, giving kids the recommended brush time without repeatedly looking at a timer or estimating when 2 minutes are up. The audio playback also guides kids to brush each section of their teeth, starting with their upper teeth, then switching to their lower teeth after the first minute, and finally ends the sequence by letting them know they have done a "Great job!".


  • Studies has shown that brush buddies increases brushing time by 73%
  • Soft DuPont bristles so they are gentle on your child's gums and teeth
  • Guides children to brush all parts of their teeth. Upper, lower, inside and out the way a dentists would
  • Dentist recommended two minute built in timer
  • BPA free
  • No toxic and lead. Completely safe for your child
  • Sculpted handle that is ergonomically designed to fit your child's hands

My daughter loves this toothbrush! She gets excited to brush her teeth and dances to the music. It's great. We have no problem hearing the monkey.

-- Alicia P.

My granddaughter LOVES these brushes!! She has all of them and enjoys choosing which one she's going to use each time.

-- Missy M

I like this toothbrush but you can barely hear the monkey talking at all. Besides that, it is great. I like that it has a suction cup on the bottom so the toothbrush does lay on the sink.

-- Debra Fulton

I love this brush. Sammy is so cute and has a suction base so the brush stays standing on the counter when my son is done brushing. Finally, a brush that does not roll around and fall on the floor. Great idea Brush Buddies!

-- Simon B


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On tree tops or on the roof tops, these places are where I might be. I can move quick and think even quicker than any other monkey. Sometimes I let my imagination carry me away to places of fun and games. Smiling, laughing, and being sneaky in a good way, I am your friend, Swingin Sammy the Monkey.