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Our Journey


Soniclean line was developed with the help of dentists

We were looking to develop the best Sonic toothbrush in the industry, we researched all the products currently available in the market to see what is it that Dentists would recommend and why.

What we found out was interesting:

Dentists recommend you brush your teeth with a full up and down motion, but most of the Sonic brushes in the market didn't actually do this, they provided great power and vibrations but you felt that on the handle

We found out that most handles were very heavy due to the heavy lithium battery inside the handle, however, Dentist found that these heavy handles were actually harmful to the enamel. When you hold a heaver brush in your hand, you tend to put more pressure on your teeth when you brush, which in the long term is more abrasive to your enamel

We also spent time researching reviews online and saw a lot of consumers complains that they would spend a lot of money on these expensive brushes but after 6 - 8 month the brush would die or not recharge. What we found out that most of the Sonic brushes in the industry are not water proof they are water resistant. Over time water seeps into the handle and corrodes the battery inside, which is why your brush stops recharging or working after several months of use

Lots of consumers that has sensitive teeth felt the all the Sonic brush vibrations were too harsh for them and the bristles would hurt their sensitive gums



We took everything we learnt to develop a line of products called the Soniclean

Our patented technology focuses the vibrations on the bristles and not on the handle, you get the full up and down sweep motion, which is how dentists recommend you brush your teeth

Our handle is ultra light even with a lithium battery inside to make sure you don't put too much pressure on your enamel

We have different modes on our brush to focus on different things such as: Whitening, Sensitive or your everyday clean

Each mode is paired with a unique bristles to give you the best results

Our handles are IPX7 Waterproof, not water resistant. Meaning you can use our brush in the shower, dip it under water and never have to worry about water getting into the brush handle

What is Soniclean

Soniclean is a very sophisticated line of Sonic brush that took years of R&D to bring to market. Today our product is sold worldwide either under our brand or a private label brand for a major retailer. Our products has been tested and approved by Dentists.