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Soniclean Pro 5000

Soniclean Pro 5000

: 00368-2
Sale Price: $99.95
Additional Warranty
Additional 1 Year Warranty On Soniclean Pro5000 for $39.99
  • Soniclean Pro 5000
  • Soniclean Pro 5000

Soniclean Pro 5000 provides the ultimate cleaning with its built in UV sanitizer it also keeps your bristles clean and germ free. The brush has all the same feature of the Pro 3000, with an additional sensitive brush head and UV sanitizer that kills upto 99.9% of germs.

The Soniclean line is comparable and in most cases superior to the national brand leaders in the industry.


Features :

  • The bristles provide a full swiping motion, the way dentists recommend you brush your teeth
  • The ultra-light handle is designed to make sure you don’t put additional pressure on your teeth while brushing your teeth. With too much pressure on your teeth you can hurt your gums and also wear out your enamel over time
  • Powered with a built-in lithium battery
  • Waterproof handle allows users to even brush in the shower
  • Unique Bristles:
    • The product is supplied with adult, kids, & whitening bristles but the user can purchase our sensitive bristles as well
    • Whitening bristles – can whiten your teeth with regular toothpaste
    • Sensitive bristles – perfect for users that have sensitive teeth or gums
  • Built-in Smart Timer – the brush vibrates with 2 minutes with 30 second intervals. This allows the user to switch the location of their brushing every 30 seconds to get a full mouth clean
  • Three modes: allows the user to pick between the whitening, standard or sensitive mode. Each mode is designed to be pared with the right bristles. With each mode the patented vibrations change on the brush to provide the user with the right kind of cleaning
  • UV Sanitizer: kills upto 99.9% of germs on the bristles. With a UV sanitizer, after each brushing you can store the bristles in the UV sanitizer compartment to kill 99.9% of germs that might be on your bristles.


Benefits :

  • With the smart timer the brush helps users to brush all parts of their teeth for a full mouth clean
  • Sonic vibrations breaks down plaque better than a manual brush to provide a better cleaning than a manual brush
  • Whitening bristles help whiten your teeth
  • Sensitive bristles are great for users that have sensitive teeth and gums


What is included when you buy Soniclean Pro 5000 :

  • (1) Toothbrush handle
  • (1) Adult brush head
  • (1) Kids brush head
  • (1) Whitening brush head
  • (1) Sensitive brush head
  • (1) Charging stand
  • (1) UV Sanitizer with storage for all 4 brush heads
  • One year warranty
  • Soniclean comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


What items we recommend to be paired with the Soniclean Pro 5000 :

  • Soniclean Travel Case: this case is unlike any case you have ever purchased. Built-in sanitizer, built-in lithium battery, USB charger, the case is the perfect partner for this brush for busy travelers


Compare Soniclean to a national brand :

 SRP  $99.95  $169.99
 Modes  3  3

 Included Brush Heads

  • Whitening bristles:
    (Perfect bristles to get a sparkling white smile)
  • Standard bristles:
    (for your everyday brushing))
  • Sensitive bristles:
    (Perfect bristles for people that have sensitive gums or teeth)



 Speed  Up to 34,000 Brush Strokes/Min  Up to 31,000 Brush Strokes/Min
 Battery Type  Rechargable  Rechargable
 2 Minutes Smart Timer  Yes  Yes
 Compartment  UV Sanitizer For 4 Brush Heads  UV Sanitizer For 2 Brush Heads

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Warnings : Do not use on children under age of 3. Replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn.

Soniclean Pro5000 is a great product, easy to use and interchangeable brush heads make it very versatile. I love using this product!

-- Ira Fistel

I'm extremely pleased with this electric toothbrush. My husband and I each bought one of these brushes and we are very happy with them.

-- Marlien

I was delighted with the ease of use and effectiveness of the Soniclean Pro5000. It's actually a pleasure to use; I never reach for my manual toothbrush anymore. There's a learning curve but not overwhelming. Once I got the hang of it, I was amazed at how simple it was - put on the brush head, apply toothpaste, press the button and enjoy. Rinse the whole thing under water, dry and stand in its recharger. That's it.

-- Emma Clent

It has been very effective without damaging my sensitive gums - something I found hard to do with a manual toothbrush. It actually feels good to use and I often go a little longer than the timer suggests.

-- Kelly Dell

I'm in love with the Soniclean brush.. the bristles really get in between my teeth getting all the surfaces of the tooth.. It leaves my teeth feeling squeaky clean.. super happy I got the brush..

-- Resh

My sonic clean is the best tooth brush I\'ve had yet it cleans your mouth so good like if you went to a dentist I use the whitening brush head and it actually works my teeth look whiter already

-- Jim Davis

I really enjoy brushing with Soniclean. This is my first electric toothbrush. It took a little getting used to. The brush was hard initially so I started out using the Sensitive mode. After a few days, I changed it to Standard mode. I get the clean feeling like I do after my visit to the dentist.

-- Rakesh Damani

I Feels Clean And Fresh. I have Seen a difference in plaque and stain removal. Overall I really do like it!!

-- Sejal

This is by far the BEST toothbrush I ever owned, the brush and strong vibration leave my teeth feeling super clean also, Whitening mode/brush really works I seen a difference the first 4 days. My fiancé, son and I share we just swap the brush heads.

-- Jenny

This was my first time using an electric toothbrush. I found myself taking my time while brushing the proper way. I used the adult brush head. I think the brush head bristles are very “firm”, which I assume will soften over time. The vibration was very intense and will take some getting used to. I think the brush head can be bigger. Overall, this is a quality toothbrush. It looks nice and has many features, such as the UV sanitizer and it comes with 4 different brush heads. I noticed my teeth did feel smoother! I found myself rubbing my tongue over my teeth repeatedly because they felt so smooth. I can actually feel the bristles go between my teeth too, as if I was flossing.

-- Edward Ornelas

The Soniclean is the first toothbrush of its kind that I've used. I've used various styles of the standard brush and battery operated, however, none have ever come close to making my teeth feel as clean as the Soniclean. I literally find myself running my tongue across my teeth over-and-over throughout the day, because the slick clean feel lasts so long. Due to my age (36) and years of smoking, I have some gum recession and my teeth can be sensitive at times. When I first used the system, I chose the sensitive head because I'm aware of my issues. It's important to note that it's not necessary to brush with the same pressure and vigor that one would use with a standard brush. Brushing too hard can cause some discomfort and a slight tickle, which flags me to ease up. If you have any gum disease including inflamed or bleeding gums I would recommend starting off with the sensitive brush. A bonus feature is the timed shut-off. It allows me to brush for the proper duration without having to count or use a watch. Four days of usage and my gums look less inflamed and any slight bleeding that I previously had has now ceased completely. I would recommend this system to anyone looking for a "just cleaned at the dentist" feel 365 days a year. I would give this product a 4 out 5 based on its performance and value, the triple digit cost prevents me from giving it a 5 out of 5.

-- Athena

I love the Brush Buddies Soniclean toothbrush,the variety of brush types and the sonic vibrations work nicely and gives you a sense of having your teeth cleaned by a dentist I also like the ultraviolet sanitizer and how well the package fits into my bathroom decor I reccomend it to everyone

-- Maria Sharapova

It's awesome. I Like it.

-- heman

I have been using Sonicare for the last 6 years. I was introduced to this toothbrush by a friend and gave it a shot. I am extremely impressed by the quality and the cleaning from this toothbrush. I love the fact that they have sensitive bristles included with their package as I have sensitive gums. The bristles are amazing and give a nice cleaning. I would recommend this brush to everyone

-- Mike


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