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Soniclean Pro 3000

Soniclean Pro 3000

: 00380-2
Sale Price: $79.95
Additional Warranty
Additional 1 Year Warranty On Soniclean Pro3000 for $29.99
  • Soniclean Pro 3000
  • Soniclean Pro 3000

Soniclean Pro 3000 provides users a cleaning they have never had with a manual toothbrush. Built-in rechargeable battery powers the internal sonic motor which provides upto 34,000 vibration breaking down plaque and providing you with a cleaning you have never had with a manual toothbrush.

The Soniclean line is comparable and in most cases superior to the national brand leaders in the industry.


Features :

  • The bristles provide a full swiping motion, the way dentists recommend you brush your teeth
  • The ultra-light handle is designed to make sure you don’t put additional pressure on your teeth while brushing your teeth. With too much pressure on your teeth you can hurt your gums and also wear out your enamel over time
  • Powered with a built-in lithium battery
  • Waterproof handle allows users to even brush in the shower
  • Unique Bristles:
    • The product is supplied with adult, kids, & whitening bristles but the user can purchase our sensitive bristles as well
    • Whitening bristles – can whiten your teeth with regular toothpaste
    • Sensitive bristles – perfect for users that have sensitive teeth or gums
  • Built-in Smart Timer – the brush vibrates with 2 minutes with 30 second intervals. This allows the user to switch the location of their brushing every 30 seconds to get a full mouth clean
  • Three modes: allows the user to pick between the whitening, standard or sensitive mode. Each mode is designed to be pared with the right bristles. With each mode the patented vibrations change on the brush to provide the user with the right kind of cleaning


Benefits :

  • With the smart timer the brush helps users to brush all parts of their teeth for a full mouth clean
  • Sonic vibrations breaks down plaque better than a manual brush to provide a better cleaning than a manual brush
  • Whitening bristles help whiten your teeth
  • Sensitive bristles are great for users that have sensitive teeth and gums


What is included when you buy Soniclean Pro 3000 :

  • (1) Toothbrush handle
  • (1) Adult brush head
  • (1) Kids brush head
  • (1) Whitening brush head
  • (1) Charging stand
  • (1) Storage compartment
  • One year warranty
  • Soniclean comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


What items we recommend to be paired with the Soniclean Pro 3000 :

  • Soniclean Travel Case: this case is unlike any case you have ever purchased. Built-in sanitizer, built-in lithium battery, USB charger, the case is the perfect partner for this brush for busy travelers
  • Soniclean Sensitive Bristles


Compare Soniclean to a national brand :

 SRP  $79.95  $129.99
 Modes  3  3

 Included Brush Heads

  • Whitening bristles:
    (Perfect bristles to get a sparkling white smile)
  • Standard bristles:
    (for your everyday brushing)
  • Sensitive bristles:
    (Perfect bristles for people that have sensitive gums or teeth)



 Speed  Up to 34,000 Brush Strokes/Min  Up to 31,000 Brush Strokes/Min
 Battery Type  Rechargable  Rechargable
 2 Minutes Smart Timer  Yes  Yes
 Compartment  2 Brush Heads Holder  N/A

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Warnings : Do not use on children under age of 3. Replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn.

I've used electric toothbrushes before, but not as excellent as this one. It's not too strong but strong enough to give the best clean I've ever had. It gets the tartar at the gum line like nobody's business. I wholeheartedly recommend this toothbrush

-- Andreaw

I love this toothbrush and you can't beat the price, so it's a great value. You don't need to apply any pressure...just let the brush do it's job and it holds a charge very well.

-- Rosemary Rogers

My wife and I like this brush much better than any other toothbrush we used over the years. It leaves my teeth feeling cleaner and also seems to clean between the teeth better.

-- Nick

I have been using this toothbrush for about 3 weeks. I never used a sonic toothbrush before so this was my first investment on a re-chargable sonic toothbrush. It got some getting used to the first time I used it as I was not used to the feeling of a sonic brush. However, once I got used to it this cleans soo much better than my standard brushes. I can't believe I didnt switch years ago. Thanks to a friend that recommend this brush to me.

-- Roger


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