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Soniclean Pro 2000

Soniclean Pro 2000

: 00381-2
Sale Price: $24.95
  • Soniclean Pro 2000
  • Soniclean Pro 2000
 SRP  $24.99  $29.99
 Modes  2  1

 Included Brush Heads

  • Whitening bristles:
    (Perfect bristles to get a sparkling white smile)



 Speed  Upto 34,000 Brush Strokes/Min  Upto 31,000 Brush Strokes/Min
 Battery Type  2 AA  2 AA
 2 Minutes Smart Timer  Yes  Yes
 Compartment  N/A  N/A

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Soniclean Pro 2000: Experience the difference

Unique Whitening bristles whiten your teeth with regular toothpaste.

Whitening: the bristles are uniquely designed to give you a whiter smile

  • Our unique patented design provides a swiping motion on the brush head, to provide a dentists recommend cleaning
  • Smart Timer helps brush 4 quadrants at 30 seconds each

Pack Contents Included

  • 1 Handle
  • 1 Adult Brush head
  • 1 Junior Brush Head

Warnings : Do not use on children under age of 3. Replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn.

I recently upgraded to the Soniclean Pro2000 toothbrush from another sonic brush. First off, it felt surprisingly more powerful. The slender handle design is much easier to maneuver and my entire hand does not vibrate while brushing like my old one. I love the brush heads. My teeth feel and look noticeably cleaner and smoother. I like having the option of interchangeable brush heads too.

-- Martin Kemp

The Soniclean Pro electric toothbrush is fantastic!! My teeth are very close together and I really didn't like flossing because it was painful. This toothbrush has helped make my teeth become less sensitive to flossing. It helps eliminate plaque and tartar too. My dentist recommended it and I am glad I bought one. I need replacement heads now.

-- Sorrein

My Dentist finally convince me to switch to a Soniclean Pro to protect and clean my teeth better. What a difference! Easy to use and definitely better for the teeth and gums. Great product!

-- J. R. Jackson

I was looking to replace my Oral B powered toothbrush brush heads, when looking online I came across this brush as it was the same price as the replacement brush heads. I took a chance and just purchased it, I have to say I was impressed with the quality of this brush for the price. It feels great in your hands, actually felt as good as my $150 Oral B Brush. I used the whitening mode with the standard bristles and I have to say the feeling is amazing, it feels as if I just walked out of a dental office after every brushing.

-- Susan


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