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Singing Toothbrushes: Brush up on Lady Gaga and Prevent Cavities

Brush Buddies toothbrushes have the right idea. Make it fun to brush teeth, and kids will look forward to brushing and brush longer.

The brand has an assortment of fun brush designs, but its latest is definitely a hit – singing toothbrushes that sound off to the tune of Lady Gaga, LMFAO, PSY and Justin Beiber.

With clips of favorite songs playing, the philosophy is that kids will be entertained by the music and brush for at least the optimal 120 seconds it takes for proper oral hygiene.

The brushes feature Soft Dupont bristles and an ergonomic design help clean plaque in hard to reach places.

The brush head is replaceable and includes a tongue and cheek cleaner.

Buttons on the brush activate various songs that play for two minutes. Batteries are included and replaceable.


The sound quality could be better, and if handled roughly the brush handle/battery compartment comes loose; but the concept is cute, and effective.

Available for about $9.95 at national retailers including CVS, Riate Aid and Walgreens.