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Rickie (Lion)

Rickie (Lion)

: 00303-72
: $4.99
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Brush Buddies PoppinTM makes brushing fun! Press the belly button and the brush pops up. All 5 fun characters come with soft bristles, which are gentle on children's gums.

Features :

  • Soft bristles so they are gentle on your young ones teeth and gums
  • Flexible brush head to withstand the bending, pushing, and poppin’ action of the brush while kids play with the brush
  • In/Out lock: once the brush is opened it will lock in place to allow our young brushers to brush their teeth. Once they are done brushing, press the belly button, push the brush head back into the body to lock in its close position, and then place the brush head cover on top of the bristles
  • Drip holes: at the bottom of the character you will notice two drip holes, these were designed to let all the water drain out
  • Standing design: all our character can free stand on their own, eliminating toothbrush holder in the bathroom
  • BPA free: safety is first on our mind and we have developed all our products to be safe for your young ones
  • Brush head cover: each of the character's heads are fun and at the same time are a great way to protect the bristles from getting damaged as they act as a brush head cover

Benefits :

  • Fun animal characters that motivate kids to brush their teeth with their best pals
  • The poppin’ action makes it fun to brush their teeth
  • Watch your child enjoy brushing their teeth on their own

Great quality, bristles are soft enough for my grandsons little teeth and gums, and it's fun for him to brush alone! Fantastic!

-- Stacy Web

This is the cutest toothbrush I ever saw. Will work perfect for my sisters lion theme baby shower. Thank you so much. Love it

-- ritak


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I am fearless and brave, full of grace and speed. Rickie's my name and you better look into my eyes when you speak to me. I have a gift of hearing the truth, so I can’t be lied to.