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New Toothbrush Allows Bieber Fans To Brush Along To Popular Songs

A new toothbrush has been launched to enable Justin Bieber fans to brush along to the sound of their favourite teenage singing sensation.

The electric toothbrush, which has been developed by Brush Buddies, an American company, plays two hit songs, ‘Somebody to Love’ & 'Love Me' or ‘Baby’ & 'U Smile' to allow users to brush along to the beat in the mornings and evenings.

Brush Buddies has developed a range of singing toothbrushes to try and make teeth cleaning fun and encourage young people to brush their teeth for the recommended two minute time period.

With Justin Bieber such a popular figure among youngsters all over the world, this is an ideal opportunity for the company to target a large market and for consumers to start enjoying brushing their teeth.


The Brush Buddies toothbrushes come in purple or black boxes and they have soft bristles and small, ergonomically designed brush heads, which enable users to reach their corners of their mouths.

The Brush Buddies Justin Bieber toothbrushes are now available to buy and provide the perfect gift for Beliebers.

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