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JB Singing (Boyfriend)

JB Singing (Boyfriend)

: 00340-72
Sale Price: $9.95
  • JB Singing (Boyfriend)
  • JB Singing (Boyfriend)
  • JB Singing (Boyfriend)
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  1. Soft DupontTM bristles and an ergonomic design help clean plaque in hard to reach places.
  2. Brush Head features a tongue and cheek cleaner.
  3. Contour grip provides a firm hold and comfortable brushing experience.
  4. 1 button = 1 song that plays for the dentist-recommended two minutes.
  5. Unique stand up-design keeps bristles clean.

I love it. I got one for christmas from my sister. I also had one before that one from a few years ago and I still use it.

-- Danielle Hann

My daughter got this for Christmas and loved it! When her classmate had a birthday party and also loves Justin I knew the perfect gift! The mom told me she now knows when her daughter is brushing her teeth.

-- Joelene

This toothbrush is actually for a bigger kid but my little one loves brushing with it anyway. She sings along and it encourages her to keep brushing

-- lorreyn

This really Makes Brushing Fun, I bought two as gifts. One was for my 14 year old. She loves it. Batteries and brushes are replaceable. Recommend ordering replacement brushes from Amazon, as I really have not seen them in stores

-- mike

What a lovely feeling seeing Justin's face on a toothbrush! Good quality, great song everything perfect. I love you Justin x

-- Tanisha Bieber


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