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If “U Smile” Makes My “Baby” Brush Then I’m Happy!

I saw this on the market around Christmas time and contemplated getting this for Honey for Christmas but for reasons I can’t remember never picked it up. However after weeks of Honey thinking brushing your teeth is a race and the faster the better I decided to take the plunge. I told her there was a singing toothbrush that would help her know how long to brush her teeth. Not just a singing toothbrush but a “Justin Bieber” singing toothbrush. You know that Bieber guy that all the girls swoon over, including my 6 year old daughter who makes a good impression of googly eyes when you mention his name. I figured if she wanted it and she would brush her teeth for longer then a millisecond I would buy it for her.

We went to our Walgreens which is where I had seen it last and it was no where to be found. On our next trip to Walmart we made it a mission to find it. We looked everywhere, from toys, to toothbrushes, to end caps. Finally we found one lonely little box shoved underneath all the toothbrushes almost out of sight. Despite Honey’s request for black or purple she ended up with yellow. It was yellow or nothing and she decided yellow was better then nothing!

Honey and I now have a fun bedtime routine. Together we listen to Bieber, dance, and get our teeth pearly white. I love that I was able to find something that would connect with my daughter and make brushing fun! Who would of thought a toothbrush could do all that!

So how about you? Have you purchased something for your child that you found ridiculous at the time that ended up being a wise choice?


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