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Forget Dancing With The Stars—How About Brushing With The Stars?

Brush Buddies is a line of toothbrushes that play popular songs from famous music artists, like Justin Bieber, Psy, Lady GaGa, and, LMFAO! Non-toxic and BPA free, these high-quality brushes are perfect for making tooth brushing entertaining for both kids and adults alike. Plus, with price ranging from just $4.99 to $14.95, Brush Buddies affordable fun for the entire family.

What are you waiting for? Drop your boring, plain brushes and pick up Brush Buddies, available at various retailers as well as


It's a line of high quality toothbrushes that play songs from popular singing stars: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Psy from Gangham Style, LMFAO....

(The Brush Buddies company even has a One Direction toothbrush -- but that unit is only available overseas right now -- I will keep you posted on that development) The Brush Buddies toothbrushes play two different songs from these stars and play for the dentist recommended time of 2 minutes.

The Brush Buddies line of toothbrushes turns a boring task like brushing teeth into a fun activity that kids and adults look forward to several times a day.

Each Brush Buddies toothbrush is made of non-toxic plastic and paint that are BPA free.

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