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CES 2013: Five things you missed (Day 3)

Corralling kids and shepherding them through evening bedtime rituals, from bathing and brushing their teeth to story time, can be exhausting, even with incentives like bubble gum flavored toothpaste. Brush Buddies - talking, singing and popping toothbrushes - aim to fix this by enticing kids into good dental care by making brushing fun.


The singing toothbrush line includes two-minute tunes from stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber, while the talking brushes feature five different animals, and come with a two-minute educational recording designed to teach kids how to correctly brush. The Poppin' line of five brushes has a menagerie of five animals whose heads serve as a toothbrush cover until a button on the critter's belly button is press, at which point the head of the toothbrush pops up ready to use.