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CES 2013: Brush Buddies makes brushing fun with singing toothbrushes

For many, brushing teeth is quite a boring task. At the CES 2013, Brush Buddies, makers of entertaining and educational oral care products, has unveiled a range of toothbrushes that play music while you brush your teeth. Highlights from their product line were the Lady Gaga singing toothbrush that plays Born This Way & Bad Romance and  Born This Way & Teeth, LMFAO Singing Toothbrush that plays Sexy and I Know It & Party Rock Anthem and the PSY Singing (Gangnam Style) Toothbrush.

These singing toothbrushes play songs for 2 minutes and keep you entertained. All the singing toothbrushes by Brush Buddies come with Soft Dupont, an ergonomic design, replaceable brush head and a soft rubber grip.