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Caress - Gum Care

Caress - Gum Care

: 00618-24
: $5.99


About Caress GumCare

The dense bristles with an angled shape provides the ultimate cleaning and massaging for your gums. The dense collection of bristle stimulates the gums and help clean teeth.

  • Caress is the softest toothbrush you will ever feel
  • Patented technology
  • 20X Slimmer Bristles compared to a regular brush• We have created 4 specific brush heads: Whitening, Enamel Care, Ortho and Gum Care
  • If you have sensitive teeth or gums this is the toothbrush you need to buy


Key Features



  1. Polished to Less Than 0.01mm- Specialized Techniques were used to produce extremely thin and soft fibres.
  2. Hypersensitive Ultra soft Bristles-Our Patented Hypersensitive Ultra Soft Bristles Technology sets us apart from the competition. No one matches the Ultra softness of Caress
  3. 7320 Bristles Per head
  4. No other Sensitive Toothbrush compares to the Ultra Soft feel of Caress
  5. Personalized to meet individual needs- The Bristles and Shape of Bundles are designed to target specific needs
  6. Ideal for those wearing Braces

Thanks. I am SO looking forward to more of these. They are awesome. I have hated brushing all my life because it HURTS. Now I brush for the fun and comfort of it. Thank you so much.

-- Sydney A Thornton


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