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Brush Buddies

Does your kid fight to get his his or her teeth brushed every night? Mine sure does. Especially when he’s teething with painfully rising molars. The crying shows how much he dreads toothbrushing time, and we no doubt are in a hurry to make the experience as quick as possible. Surely, this isn’t very effective cleaning nor is it a pleasant experience for my kid.

Dread no more, little one. Now you literally have a brush buddy by your side.

Brush Buddies are designed to help kids brush longer for healthier teeth. On average a person only brushes their teeth for 45 – 75 seconds, far below the optimal 120 seconds. Even worse, the average person doesn’t even know how to properly brush and for how long. This is one of the top issues dentists discuss in articles, medical journals and of course with each patient they see. What better way to help solve this problem than by developing products that are both educational and fun. Brush Buddies’ approach is to look for new ways to modify the sight, touch and even sound of their products to help reinforce the right brushing techniques for children, teen and adults. Brush Buddies is the answer to the everyday problem of brushing your teeth and making that process fun; they are educational and fun for children, teens and adults

Furthermore, their products are endorsed by Dentists and are sold at Dental offices nationally. Choose from Bieber to Psy, these talking and/or singing toothbrushes are guaranteed to make your kid enjoy and spend more time brushing their little teeth. They have soft Dupont bristles, are BPA-Free, easy to grip, and have adorable character designs. The brush heads are easily replaceable, batteries are included and replaceable, and each has 2 buttons that play 2 songs – one for brushing in the morning and one for night. Each song plays for the dentist-recommended two minutes. I’ll gladly take it for a few bucks!

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