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A toothbrush that will get your kids brushing more and brushing correctly

Getting kids to brush their teeth is a challenge, each and every day. So any idea to get them more involved or more excited about brushing their teeth is a good one. At CES, BrushBuddies has announced a range of toothbrushes that play music or talk to the user about how to properly clean their teeth.

Jumping on the K-pop bandwagon, BrushBuddies have a PSY “Gangnam Style” toothbrush, along with One Direction, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga models – all of which play two minutes of music to keep the kids brushing the right length of time rather than just a quick brush and go.

Time isn’t the only issue for kids – getting a proper clean is just as important. So the “talking” BrushBuddies might be more for your kids, with five fun animal characters speaking in an amusing voice while brushing instructing on technique as well as time.
Each brush will play for two minutes while instructing your kids to brush each section of their teeth, beginning with their upper teeth then lower, and finally letting them know they’ve done a good job. Encouragement from a toothbrush – that’s new.

Finally for some added fun there are the “poppin” range of brushes. These little fellas have a button on the belly of the little animal character which make the head of the character pop up, after which you can remove the head to reveal the actual toothbrush head.

It’s nifty because it helps keep the brushes clean by having a cover for the brush itself and it stands upright on its own.

Not all of these are currently available in Australia, but keep your eyes out for them across the year.

Web: Brush Buddies