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A Shorty Interview with Brush Buddies’ Jeff Mellin

The Shorty Industry Awards sat down with Jeff Mellin, Director of Marketing at Brush Buddies (@BrushBuddies) to discuss the success of the Brush Buddies musical line.

Fact: Jeff’s work with Brush Buddies Music Search was recognized and submitted for the Shorty Industry Awards in the Best Social Media Manager category.

Check out the full Shorty Interview with Jeff below:

Shorty Awards: Which Brush Buddy is the all time best seller?

Jeff Mellin: The Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush line of products have been on the market less than two years, so it’s too early to identify an “all time best seller.” However, Brush Buddies launched in the fall of 2011 with two products that each played two songs by Justin Bieber. Within seven months, those two products became the best selling line in the category of 49 other products that had 12 months of sales.

Brush Buddies launched their Singing Toothbrush line by licensing the name, likeness and music of the top music artists of today (and by no coincidence, the biggest in social media); Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction, LMFAO and Psy (Gangnam Style). We then became the first company in our category to let fans choose the next artist, when we created the Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search, the basis for our three entries in the 5th Annual Shorty Awards.

SA: Do you send brush buddies to the celebs featured?

JM: Yes, Brush Buddies gifts our products to celebrities directly, through gifting suites, special events, etc.

Brush Buddies seek to “make brushing fun” by creating innovative, educational and entertaining advances in oral care. Our Brush Buddies Singing line of products was a natural extension from our Talking line of products – each of which are unique in the marketplace. In fact, a recent consumer behavior study identified up to a 73% increase in brushing time when using Brush Buddies Singing and Talking Toothbrushes vs. a leading national brand – demonstrating that people will brush longer when we ‘make brushing fun.’

SA: What’s next for Brush Buddies?

JM: Brush Buddies recently completed a Worldwide Music Search that gave fans the chance to vote for their favorite artist to be featured on the next Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush. The contest ran for 101 days, had entries from eight countries, 30 artists and 34 Twitter trends, as fans selected Keana; an 18 year old pop sensation from Southern California with five chart-topping hits. This Spring, we will launch the Brush Buddies Keana Singing Toothbrush featuring her name, likeness and two of her hit songs that each play for two minutes (the dentist recommended length of time to brush).

This summer, Brush Buddies is the exclusive Oral Care brand involved in the theatrical release of the movie “The Smurfs 2.” Brush Buddies will expand three of its toothbrush lines to include intricately designed products that reflect the image, style and voices of two of the movie’s lead characters.

Brush Buddies will also pair fashion with Oral Care with the launch of Brush Buddies Bling Toothbrushes. Available is six dazzling colors, each brush features hundreds of jewels individually placed and bonded to the brush handle by skilled craftsmen using our newest patent-pending, glueless technology.

Brush Buddies will also introduce “Brite Beatz” – the world’s first synchronized music and light show inside a toothbrush.

Thanks Jeff, we certainly look forward to these and future Brush Buddies ideas!


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